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Product designer and MS-HCI grad student at DePaul University

I'm a results-driven designer from Houston, Texas, who’s spent the last 4+ years helping early stage startups and small businesses create thoughtful digital products and experiences across web, mobile, and tablet.

I enjoy and embrace the element of collaboration—whether it's a team of two or a team of ten, being able to workshop ideas and learn from others  has been foundational in my growth as a designer. I'm currently studying Human-Computer Interaction at DePaul University—merging my user-centered approach with the endless insights on human behavior and perception from cognitive and behavioral sciences.

Selected work


Desktop Collage Shot PUJA.png

Puja Parikh

Tasked with the challenge of solving one of the largest pain points of Puja's patients—booking appointments online. Eliminating friction and enhancing the rate of patient bookings.

CI Thumbnail.png

Champion Institute

Tasked with juggling two sets of user groups with two completely different needs from the experience—accomplishing the balance in being both informative to donors, and engaging for parents and their children.

Bshop Thumbnail.png

Adam's Barbershop

A Houston-based barber struggling with managing clientele. Our team was tasked with designing a web experience that enabled users to book and manage their own appointments.

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