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Introducing "Netflix Follow": Social-Driven Content Discovery

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August 2022


With the push Netflix is making into producing original content, the influx of unrecognizable Titles on the platform is widening the disparity between the Content and the Audience—making it a timely task for the User to find something worth watching.

The goal of this project was to create a solution for Netflix that brings an added level of validation to Netflix Originals content and gives the User confidence in their selection.


The Problem

Netflix Users Spend Too Much Time Browsing Through Titles

Undestanding Netflix Users

Netflix Users, broadly speaking, can be categorized as one of the following: an Intent User or a Discovery User.

The Intent User, is a User that opens the Netflix application with the intention of watching a specific show, movie or documentary—they come to the platform ready to watch.

The Discovery User, is a User that opens the Netflix application with the intention of finding a show, movie or documentary to watch—they come to the platform searching.

Analyzing The Problem

There are more Discovery Users on Netflix than than there are Intent Users.

When a Discovery User opens Netflix, they are often inundated with a slew of Titles they are unfamiliar with—notably Netflix Originals. Unrecognizable titles, especially ones with an unrecognizable actor/actress, creates friction in the User's ability to make a selection. Discovery Users question if the Title they are being recommended is worth watching— suggesting the Recommendation system for content has room for deeper personalization.


The Data

Netflix Users Spend 18 Minutes Picking Something To Watch

Thats 2x the time it takes cable users


Netflix Users, based in America, were surveyed on their behavior using Netflix.

17.8 min

On average, the time Netflix Users spent browsing before selecting a program.

Analyzing The Current User Journey

Open Netflix

User browses through recommend Titles

User finds a Title that peaks their interest

User dissatisfied with validating factors and repeats the process

User validates interest through synopsis, trailer and accolades(if any)

User satisfied with validating factors and makes selection.

Data collected by The Wrap



How Might We Give Users More Confidence In Selecting A Title?

Allow Users To Leave Star Ratings?

Allow Users to leave a star-rating, up-to 5 stars, on a show, movie or documentary after they've watched it. Then display the ratings, collectively, for other Users to see.

Display Professional Critic Reviews

Gather reviews from professional critics on each Title and display these when a User looks for more information on the Title(synopsis, accolades, trailers, etc.)

Show How Many Times A Title Has Been Added to A List

Piggyback off of the already establish List feature in Netflix and use this data to show Users how many times a Title has been added to other User Lists.

Allow Users to Follow What Other Users Are Watching

Introduce a social-like feature where Users can follow each other and their activity on the Netflix platform(what they're watching)—allowing for deeper profile personalization.

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Adding To The User Flow Of The Netflix Experience

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